A massage is an enlightening experience where you will discover the power of touch, and relax as your body’s energy is restored to balance. Our massage therapy options include the most renowned techniques from around the world.


Scrub and Soap Massage
For a healthy glow, detoxify your skin and shed dead skin cells: your skin begins to breathe you’re your pores are opened, and you gain more energy!

Cellulitis Massage and Firming
Take good care of your body and add more beauty to your summer! Cellulitis massage and firming therapies are designed to speed blood circulation via suction, reducing oedemas and firming connective tissue. Your holiday may be a dream come true in more ways than you expect!
Hot and Cold Stone Therapy

Pamper yourself with warmed or cooled volcanic stones! This massage is applied by placing the stones on the body according to traditional techniques, and leaving them on specified areas. When the massage has concluded, you will have only feelings of serenity and tranquillity.
Lymph Drainage

Applied by softly manipulating the lymph nodes, this massage balances blood circulation and helps reduce oedemas, leaving you with a much healthier and fresher look!

Sports Massage
Applied before or after exercising, this massage utilizes deep, swift strokes for relaxation, easier movement and a feeling of renewal!

Bronzing Massage
The ultimate massage for shiny, healthy skin, this massage is applied with a mix of cocoa and carrot oils for a lasting and natural looking tan. Your next look in the mirror will be so satisfying.
Cleopatra Massage

Your body deserves the best. Indulge yourself, and leave your body in the hands of expert therapists. Preferred by guests who wish to be treated like royalty, this honey massage will soften and smooth your skin – and you will feel absolutely wonderful.

You’re worth it! Pamper yourself, and leave your body to the hands of expert massage therapists. An algae massage can make your dry skin look silky, while your body feels tighter and lighter.



A type of massage that affects much deeper regions through crossing surface muscle tissue with pressure applied to the body’s energy points, soft beats and tensing movements. This massage ensures a balance in all the energy centres of the body and integration throughout the entire system. Muscle tension is prevented, energy levels are raised, and an extraordinary relaxation is reached in both body and mind.


Thai Massage
Effective yet relaxing pressure on energy points, combined with the stretching movements of yoga, rebalances your body’s energy flow, moves away stress, speeds blood circulation and, generally, leaves you feeling relaxed. Thanks to this massage, your holiday will feel even airier!

Ayurvedic Massage
Dating back thousands of years, this renowned and much-admired medical system originated in India. Literally, it means life science – Ayur being life, and Veda being science. The most important component of Ayurveda is that a human is viewed holistically – body and mind. Enjoy a massage from one of the world’s oldest traditions, and watch negative energy drain away. Abhyanga (body massage), Shirodhara (special head massage) and Shiroabhyanga (whole body massage) are available.
Moving in harmony, the dancing hands of two massage specialists will inspire and relax your physical self.
A favourite therapy that is believed to balance energy by applying pressure to your body’s energy points.

The classic oil free Thai massage: balancing your energy with soft, powerful pressure on both sides of the body, as well as yoga-like positions that stretch and relax.

Abhyanga Massage
Performed with special oils and massage techniques that stimulate the immune system, the Abhyanga massage provides deep relaxation with gentle pressure on the autonomic nervous system.

Honey Massage
Combining the healing properties of biologically active honey with a relaxation massage, the honey massage helps eliminate toxins in your body.

Indian Head Massage
There is no place at Hemera for headaches, sleeplessness or migraines – all things that can transform a delightful holiday into a nightmare. This local massage will create a new you, ridding your body of physical pain and helping you let go of stress.

Beloved by both the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese, this globally renowned massage therapy utilizes pressure on the reflex points of your feet to balance your energy flow and enhance your body’s own healing properties.
Traditional Balinese Massage
This massage utilizes effective, relaxing pressure on the body’s energy points through soft strokes and stretching movements, providing a deep-feeling massage that penetrates through surface muscle tissue and balances your body’s energy centres.

Chocolate Massages
Applied with natural cocoa oil, this massage makes your skin appear brighter, fresher and younger.

Local Massages
This daily massage relieves pains and aches, and helps you cope with daily or unusual stress.

Tuva Therapy Massage
This is a very special combination of herbal, Lomi-Lomi, deep tissue and Balinese Massages.

Lomi-Lomi Massage
This therapy is believed to cleanse your body from the burdens of the past, as the therapist channels “HA” – the energy of the Hawaiian body. The massage provides deep relaxation by loosening joints with long, continuous lower-arm movements to maintain relaxation effects and preserve the entire power of Lomi-Lomi.



Self-care starts with your skin! The professional team at Hemera analyses your skin type and structure, and carefully selects complementary products that will best renew your skin. Get ready to enjoy the soft, silky skin – and be prepared for compliments!

• Classic Skin Care
• Special Moisture Care
• Collagen care
• Equilibrating care (for problematic and sensitive skin)
• Special Eye Treatments
• Oxy Anti-Age Programme



Exfoliation, and moisturising, balancing and detoxifying treatments, as well as thinning, firming and anti-cellulite treatments, ensure that your skin is revived by being rebuilt – for long-lasting effects.

  • Detoxifying Seaweed Treatment
  • Firming and nourishing seaweed treatment
  • Anti-cellulite treatment
  • Coffee Detox Body Treatment

• Rubdown – Foam Massage
• Classic Body Massage


• Rubdown – Foam Massage
• Deep Tissue Massage


• KRubdown – Four-Hands Foam Massage
• Tuva Therapy (Combined Massage)


• Kese – Köpük Masajı x 2
• Rubdown – Foam Massage x 2
• Foam Massage (For kids) x 2
• Aromatherapy Massage x 2
• Chocolate Massage (For Kids) x 2


• Coffee Rubdown – Foam Massage
• Guest’s Preferred Massage
• Facial Mask


• Chocolate Massage
• Foam Massage


• Rubdown – Foam Massage x 2
• Deep Tissue Massage x 2
• Use of Jacuzzi (accompanied by cocktails and fruit)